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Top 6 best Lego Batman sets (3-1)

3. The Tumbler: Joker's Ice Cream Surprise

Set number: 7888

Released to coincide with the epic Christoper Nolan directed 'The Dark Knight' this set features an excellent lego recreation of the movie's Tumbler as well as an extra joker themed vehicle. The set included 3 Minifigures of Batman, The Joker and a Joker Henchman. Consisting of 449 pieces it's a little on the lighter side considering it was released in 2008, but it certainly makes up for it with its fantastic take on The Tumbler. If you've still got this set intact with the box and all pieces then you'll no doubt be excited to find out that it tends to fetch in the region of £175+

Original Value: £39.99
Current Value (w/box): £175+

2. The Batmobile: Ultimate Collectors Edition

Set number: 7784

A fantastic set released as part of the first run collection of Batman themed Lego, the Ultimate Batmobile is a delight to build with a design echoing that of Tim Burton's classic Batmobile seen in the 1988 movie Batman. Weighing in at a cool 1045 parts this was a hefty set to build, retailing at £50 on its original release way back in 2006 it was excellent value for money compared to more recent sets. 

Original Value: £50
Current Value (w/ box): £75-£150

1. Arkham Asylum Breakout

Set number: 10937

There have been two versions of Arkham Asylum crafted out of Lego, this newer set however is far superior to its 2006 predecessor which consisted of a smaller 860 pieces. The newest iteration of Arkham Asylum launched in late 2012 and is currently still available. It's an amazing set with real attention to detail, a whopping 1619 pieces and 8 amazing Minifigures including a very rare orange jumpsuit joker, Harleen Quinzel and the scarecrow. If you're looking for a fun build and potentially the best use of the Batman theme to date - then pick up Arkham Asylum Breakout whilst it's still available. Given the awesome Minifigures this is no doubt a set the collectors will be after in years to come too.

Original Value: £129.99
Current Value: £129.99 (still available via Lego.com)

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