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Top 6 best Lego Batman sets (6-4)

6. The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

Set number: 76001

One of the best Batman vehicle sets, based upon The Dark Knight Rises movie, Tumbler Chase has a great lego rendition of the Bat. It also includes some rarer Minifigures including the movie themed version of Bane and Batman as well as my personal favourite Commissioner Gordon a character that has no other Lego rendition. The set's fun to build though doesn't take too long at 368 pieces, that said, it's got excellent design and is the only set based on the movie property. This one is well worth picking up while it can still be purchased online.

Original Value: £39.99
Current Value: £39.99 (still available via Lego.com)

5. The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

Set number: 6857

Whilst not the biggest of sets, beyond Arkham Asylum it's great to have a set focused primarily on villains. As such the Funhouse Escape set is excellent, it features some fun elements including traps and a mine cart ride. With a host of Minifigures including a very limited Harley Quinn figure this set is 380 pieces worth of awesome. Limited as a Lego hard to find item in its original run the set less than half a year after it's discontinuation is already starting to double it's value.

Original Value: £39.99
Current Value (w/box): £60-£100

4. The Batcave: Penguin and Mr Freeze's Invasion

Set number: 7783

In the Batman themed runs so far there have been two separate versions of The Dark Knights very own Batcave. Whilst the newest set 6860 Is excellent in its own right, it doesn't quite compare to the sheer scale and feature rich original 2006 version of the set. Packed with characters and unique features including a vehicle turntable it's a great set. It's also the only set ever released that contains a minifigure of Alfred, which consequently now sells in the region of £100+ on ebay!

Original Value: £79.99
Current Value (w/box): £300+ (Alfred minifig alone comes in at around £100 on ebay!)

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